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Nevis Nominee Service

Aegeristrasse 55, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Löberenstrasse 30, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Trustco Wealth Management
Zollikerstrasse 182, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

Trustco Companies

Euro Business Clients

Alpha Investor Services Management.
Andbank Asset Mang't Luxembourg.
BCEE Asset Management.
Bellatrix Asset Management S.A.
Bli-Banque De Lux. Investments S.A.
Candriam Luxembourg.
Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg.
Cigogne Management S.A.
Creutz & Partners Global Asset Mng't SA
Degroof Petercam Asset Services S.A.
Deutsche Asset Management S.A.
Duemme International Luxembourg.
East Capital Asset Management S.A.
Ersal Gestion International S.A.
Eurizon Capital S.A.
Finexis S.A.
GPB Asset Management S.A.
IFP Investment Management S.A.
J. Chahine Capital.
Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A.
Lemanik Asset Management S.A.
Lombard Odier Funds (Europe) S.A.
Massena Partners.
Notz Stucki Europe S.A.
Novacap Asset Management S.A.
Pure Capital S.A.
Quilvest Asset Management S.A.
Shelter Investment Management.

Societe Generale Private Wealth Mngt.
Spareinvest S.A.
Union Investment Luxembourg S.A.
Victory Asset Management S.A.
Vonotobel Asset Management S.A.
Zadig Gestion (Luxembourg) S.A.
Prime AIFM Lux S.A.
Prologis Management II S.A.R.L.
Puretail Lux Management Co. S.A.R.L.
Redline Capital Management.
UBS VA NO 1 Fund Mngt Co.S.A.R.L.
UFG WM Real Estate S.A.R.L.
Responsibility Management Co. S.A.
Ress Capital Fund Management S.A.
Royalton Partners.
Ruthenium Asset Management S.A.R.L.
Savills Investment Mng't. (Lux) S.A.R.L.
SBI Fund Management Company S.A.
Schroder Real Estate  Invest Mng't. SARL
Sedco Capital Luxembourg S.A.
Sellin Management Co. S.A.R.L.
SGG Fund Management S.A.
Unicapital Investments (Mangt) S.A.

Veref I Mangt. S.A.R.L.
Shaftesbury Fund Management Lux S.A.
SMBC Nikko Investment Fund Mng't S.A.

Somerset Capital Partners Mng't S.A.R.L.
Storebrand Luxembourg S.A.
Swancap Investment Management S.A.
Thalia Management S.A.R.L.
Tishman Speyer Europe S.A.R.L.
Triuva Luxembourg S.A.R.L.
UBS (Lux) Open Ended Real Estate Co.
UBS Third Party SIF Mang't Company S.A
VIY Managers.

Wellington Luxembourg II S.A.

Aberdeen Global Services S.A.
Adepa Asset Management S.A.
Alceda Fund Management S.A.
Alken Luxembourg S.A.
Allegro S.A.R.L.
Alliancebernstein (Luxembourg) S.A.R.L.
Allra Asset Management S.A.
Alma Capital Investment Management SA
Amundi Luxembourg S.A.
ARC Asset Management S.A.
Argenta Asset Management S.A.
Assenagon Asset Management S.A.
Aviva Investors Luxembourg.
Axa Funds Management S.A.
Axxion S.A.
AZ Fund Management S.A.
Bayerinvest Luxembourg S.A.
BG Fund Management Luxembourg S.A.
BIL Manage Invest S.A.
Blackrock(Luxembourg) S.A.
Bluebay Funds Management Co. S.A.
BNP Paribas Asset Management (Lux).
BNY Mellon Fund Management (Lux) S.A.
BPI Global Investment Fundf Mbg't Co SA
C Worldwide Fund Management S.A.
CA Indosuez Wealth (Asset Management)
Cadelux S.A.
Capital International Management Co.
Capitalatwork Management Company SA
Carne Global Fund Managers (Lux) S.A.

Carnegie Fund Services S.A.
Casa4funds S.A.
Commerz Funds Solutions S.A.
Conventum Asset Management.
Credit Andorra Asset Management (Lux).
Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A.
Crestbridge Management Company S.A.
Danske Invest Management Company.
Deka International S.A.
DJE Investment S.A.
DNB Asset Management S.A.
DNCA Finance Luxembourg.
Duff & Phelps (Lux )Mng't Co. S.A.R.L.
Dynamic Asset Management Co. (Lux).
Dynasty AM S.A.
Eastspring Investments (Lux) S.A.
Edmund de Rothschild Asset Mang't.
EFG Fund Management S.A.
Eric Sturdza Management Company S.A.
Ethenea Independent Investors S.A.
Eurobank Fund Management Co.(Lux).
Exane Asset Management Luxembourg.
Falcon Fund Management (Luxembourg).
Feri Trust (Luxembourg) S.A.
FIL Investment Management (Lux) S.A.
Fisch Fund Services A.G.
Flaskamp Invest S.A.
Flossbach Von Storch Invest S.A.
Fondaco Lux S.A.
Frankfurt-Trust Invest Luxembourg A.G.

Franklin Templeton Internl Services SARL
Fuchs Asset Management S.A.
Fundpartner Solutions (Europe) Ltd.
Fundrock Management Company S.A.
GAM (Luxembourg) S.A.
Gamax Management A.G.
Generali Investments (Lux) S.A.
Gerifonds (Luxembourg) S.A.
Global Evolution Manco.
GNB-International Management S.A.
GS&P Kapitalanlagegesellschaft S.A.
Hansanvest Lux S.A.
Hauck & Aufhauser Invest Gesellschaft SA
Henderson Management S.A.
HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg)SA
ING Solutions Investment Manag't S.A.
International Fund Management S.A.
Inter-Portfolio Verwaltungsgesellschaft.
Invesco Management S.A.
Investec Asset Management (Lux) S.A.
Ipconcept (Luxembourg) S.A.
Quaestio Investments S.A.Quint Essence Capital S.A.
Ram Active Investments Luxembourg SA
Renta 4 Luxembourg.
Robeco Luxembourg S.A.
Sabadell Asset Management (Lux)S.A.
Samarang Asset Management S.A.
Santander Asset Management(Lux) S.A
Schroder Investment M't. (Lux) S.A.SEB

SEB Fund Services S.A.
Selectra Management Company S.A.
Soderberg & Partners Asset Mn't S.A.
Stanwahr S.A.R.L.
State Street Global Advisors Lux Mn't S.A
Structured Invest S.A.
Swedbank Management Company S.A.
Swiss Life Fund Management (Lux) S.A.
Swisscanto Asset Management Int'l S.A.
SYZ Asset Management (Lux) S.A.
T.Rowe Price (Luxembourg) Mang't SARL.
Threadneedle Management (Lux) S.A.
Treetop Asset Management S.A.
UBI Management Company S.A.
UBP Asset Management (Europe) S.A.
UBS Fund Management (Lux)) S.A.
UBS Third Party Management Co. S.A.
Universal-Investment-Lux S.A.
Vam Global Management Company S.A.
Vector Asset Management S.A.
Von Der Heydt Invest S.A.
VP Fund Solutions (Luxembourg) S.A.
Wallberg Invest S.A.
Warburg Invest Luxembourg S.A.
Wellington Luxembourg S.A.R.L.
Wells Fargo Asset Management Lux S.A.
Willerfunds Management Company S.A.
Woodpecker Capital S.A.
WWK Investment S.A.
Zeus Asset Management S.A.

United International Management.
Ficel Group (Luxembourg).
Franklin Templeton International S.a.r.l.
ERAM S.a.r.l.
Credit Suisse Fund Services (Lux) S.A.
TMF Fund Services (Lux) Services S.A.
Eurizon Capital S.A.
Eurizon Capital No 1 Account (Jersey).
Eurizon Caoital (Luxembourg) S.A.
Frankfurt Investments GmbH.
Luxco Holdings S.A.
Global Trust Services (U.K) S.A.
Rennard Associates S.A.
Kalfax Holdings.
Karlfax Ivestments (Jersey).
Karlfax A1 Account Holdings.
Demitriov Holdings S.A.
Curzon Investments S.A.
Luxembourg Trust Services (2017)S.A.
Luxembourg Trust Holdings A1 S.A.
Lighthouse Holdings S.A.
Trustco Investments (Switzerland).
Amora Holdings S.A.
Amora Group Holdings (S32).
MRCP 5 Group.
Sheild West Investments (Zug) A.G.
de Brock Property Investment S.A.
Pelmann Investments (Luxembourg).
Global Entrep (T7) Property Holdings.
Platinum Online S.A.

MVD Group Fiduciary Services.
W.I.S.E. Management S.A.
Deutsche Bank (Suisse) S.A.
Steval Management S.A. 
ICP Services Les Vernets
SG Private Banking (Suisse) S.A.
Parkdale Investments S.A.
Mayfair Trust Management A.G.
Eticas International S.A.
Selective Management S.A.
Pierre Richa & Partners S.A.
Invicta Advisory S.A.
Attendus Treuhandgesellschaft.
Societe Financiere Madina S.A.
Ilex Fidutrust S.A.
Vimotrade S.A.
Tower Bridge Trade Services S.A.
Fideuro S.A.
Meridian Corporate Services.
Allards International Inc.
Kotenbaum & Associes.
Discount Bank & Trust Company.
Corener S.A.
Union Bancaire Privee UBP.
Python & Peter Rue Firmin-Massot
Hunziker Associates S.A.
Fidinam (Geneve) S.A.
Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza S.A
Bourgeois Avocats.
Anglore S.A.R.L.

Peerson Asset Management S.A.
C.I.M. Banque.  
Mirabaud & CIE.
Genint S.A.
Mossack Fonseca & Co. (Geneva) S.A.
Schmidt Jaton & Associes (GE).
Selective Management S.A.
Invicta Advisory S.A.
Nova Atlantis S.A.
Figestor S.A.
Budin & Associes
Depigest S.A.
Roycan Trust Company S.A.
Probus Advisory S.A.
Borel & Barbey
GTS Global Trust Services Limited.
MVD Group Fiduciary Services
Secretan Troyanov & Associes.
Merrill Lynch International Incorporated.
Me Didier Brosset.
Anglore S.A.R.L.
Forvest Trust S.A.
Mossack Fonseca & Co (Zurich) A.G.
Fidinam (Geneve) S.A.
NWT Management S.A.
International Trust Ltd (Switzerland).
LHR Consulting Ltd.
Investec Nominees (Zurich).
Investec Accounting Management S.A.
RM Global Ltd.

Truvest Group A.G.
Gestion De Patrimoine Du Rhone S.A.
FCI Ltd.
HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) S.A.
Reliance Capital S.A.
SG Trust (Switzerland) S.A.
Hirsche & Cie.
Kotrusco Ltd.
NWT Conseil S.A.
Treinvest S.A.
Ilex Fidutrust S.A.
Levy & Puder.
MFT Services S.A.
Steval Management S.A.
Figest Conseil S.A.
C.J.F S.A.
Multifiduciare Fribourg S.A.
Saffron Management Limited.
Audioconsult S.A.
Silex Administration S.A.
Hirsch & CIE.
NWT Conseil S.A.
Probus Compagnie S.A.
Favona S.A.
LIC George T. Arendrup.
Pennone & Partners S.A.
Llc Andre Zolty.
RMB Finance S.A.
MFT Services S.A.

Westglobe Corporate Services.
Commonwealth Services Limited.
Sino Intermediaries Limited.
Gulf Pearl Tech Ltd.

M.K. Enterprises S.A.
Anri Shipping Limited.
Belwood Trading Ltd.
Transcontinental Trading S.A.
Wightman Holdings Limited.
Vinston Enterprises S.A.
Lloyds Global Management S.A.
Evansville Marketing S.A.
Evansville Management Limited.
Evansville Nominees S.A.
Elite Property Holdings S.A.
Rich Elite Holdings S.A.
Avoado Management S.A.
Dossor Services S.A.
Dossor Holdings GmbH.
Dialog Global S.A.
Vision D Holdings S.A.
Lanta Trade S.A.
Lanta Holdings S.A.
Gal-Ore Enterprises S.A.
Salazar Limited.
Beira Holdingsn S.A.
CB Derivatives S.A.
Delembar S.A.
Tessborough S.A.
Alpha Management & Holdings S.A.

Faith Foundation.
Dijon Investments (Int'l) Ltd.
Loire International Ltd.
Slick Properties S.A.
Marina Industries S.A.
Halomac Investment Corp.
Donstain Investments S.A.
Melix Media S.A.
Genevive Properties S.A.
Halpin Nominees S.A.
Gerrard Sporting Agency S.A.
Cambier Incorporated.
Mariposa (Luxembourg) S.A.
Aprelew International S.A.
Artemys Trading (Jersey) Ltd.
Anton Trading S.A.
Taris Trading S.A.
Elistan Holdings Inc.
Davia Finance S.A.
Martindale Development S.A.
Drawn Finance S.A.
Altea Investments S.A.
Farmtec S.A.
Bonatan S.A.
Mercor S.A.
Mauritius Ltd.
Dagos Ltd.
Field Branch Inc.
Tafira International Inc.
Consenco Investment Ltd.
Rholles International Inc.

Aurum Nominees.
Russell Nominees.
Quince Nominees.
Harlequin Nominees.
Chase Nominees Limited.
Hanover Nominees Limited.
Littledown Nominees Limited.
Chasedown Nominees.
Lightfields Nominees.
Gresham Nominees S.A.
Guaranty Nominees Limited.
Stanlife Nominees Limited.
MSTC Nominees Limited.
KAS Nominees Ltd.
Nortrust Nominees Ltd.
IBI Nominees Ltd.
Northern Trust Nominees (Ireland).
Pershing Nominees S.A.
Cheviot Capital (Nominees) Limited.
Quilter Nominees Ltd.
Roy Nominees Limited.
Redmayne (Nominees) Limited.
Redmayne Nominees PEP Limited.
Smith & Williamson Nominees Limited.
State Street Nominees Ltd.
SMT Trustees (Ireland) Limited.
BNY (Nominees) Limited.
The Bank of New York (Luxembourg) S.A.
Bank of New York (Nominees) Ltd.
Collateral Nominees Ltd.

Artona Holding S.A.
Bourbon Nominees S.A
Bourbon Holdings S.A.
Bourbon Investments S.A.
Bourbon Services S.A.
Express (Nominees) Limited.
Newhaven Nominees (CI) Limited.
Republic Nominees Limited.
Davycrest Nominees (Dublin).
A & H Nominees Limited.
S2KI Nominees Inc.
S1TL Nominees Inc.
HN Nominees S.A.
Luxco Investments S.A.
Luxco Trust Fund S.A.
Oppenheimer Nominees S.A.
Savouir S.A.
Fritsch  & Grozinger.
Grainger Lemanuier S.A.
Helix Corporation.
Centaurus Nominees Ltd.
Cashir House Holdings S.A.
Marine Line Capital Ltd.
Greensky Investments Corp.
Metropol Management S.A.
Goldfinger Investments Limited.
Fairdeal Management Limited.
Daltas Group S.A.
Hisango Limited.
Fairleigh Property Holdings Limited.

TAG Group (Holdings) S.A.
Concilium (Luxembourg) S.A.
Centerbridge Partners (Luxembourg) S.A
Invista European GmbH.
Elysee Associates  S.A.
BNY (Nominees) Limited.
Securities Services Nominees Limited.
Harewood Nominees Limited.
Victoire Nominees Limited.
Antin Nominees Limited
Aurora Nominees Limited.
Lynchwood Nominees Limited.
Luna Nominees Limited.
Brown Brothers Harriman Trustee.
Camocon SPIA Ltd.
Ashdale Investment Trust Services Ltd.
Citibank Nominees (Luxembourg).
N.C.B. Trust Limited.
National City Nominees Limited.
CUIM Nominee Limited.
Citifriends Nominee Limited.
Citibank London Nominees Limited.
Vidacos Nominees Limited.
Computershare Services Nominees.
Computershare Company Nominees Ltd.
Davy Nominees Ltd.
Euroclear Nominees Limited.
Skerries Nominees Ltd.
Goodbody Stockbrokers Nominees Ltd.
Aurum Nominees.

Whether you are a start-up, a quickly developing company or a well-established international firm, Euro Business Centre International is designed to provide you with flexible business & office solutions within a wide range of jurisdictions.

In central locations worldwide, we provide you with the specific type of office space you require. Our clients can choose from a wide range of available office spaces, be it an exclusive cubicle, a private office for up to two persons, or a larger space to accommodate an entire team.  


  • Fully equipped offices
  • Scalable office space
  • Professional reception team
  • Telephone and fax lines
  • LAN and Wi-Fi internet access
  • Dedicated phone numbers
  • Private and quiet environment
  • Mail, courier services
  • Parking facilities


  • Fully equipped office cubicles at a minimum cost
  • Professional reception Team
  • Telephone and fax lines
  • LAN and Wi-Fi internet access
  • Dedicated phone numbers
  • Full-height cubicles to enhance privacy
  • Private entrance
  • Mail, courier services
  • Parking facilities


  • Telephone and fax lines
  • LAN and Wi-Fi internet access
  • Professional reception
  • Mail, courier services
  • Parking facilities


Standard features include:

  • Designed to accommodate 8-15 people
  • Fully-equipped with flipchart, projector, speakerphone and wireless internet access Video conferencing
  • LAN and Wi-Fi internet access
  • Professional reception Team
  • Visitor parking facilities


Mail Box Service

  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Advanced alarm system.
  • 24 hour access via key card.
  • Night duty security staff.
  • We wil Fax or text registered box owner when deliveries made.
  • Iphone & Android monitoring via mobile app (link up to our CCTV cameras).
  • Mailboxes within inner room.
  • Four different sized mail boxes to choose from.
  • Mail can be forwarded to private office/residential address, by next day delivery.
  • €120 PA.     €80 6 Months.

Luxembourg Mailbox.,
Suite 22,
5 Rue Jean Monnet,
L-2180 Luxembourg.

Subscription charges:    
€ 25. 1  month

€ 120. 6 months.
€ 220. yearly

Mail forwarding
€ 180 yearly extra

International - Special delivery.

Letters - Packets    0-2kg
€ 190 yearly

Luxemborg Registered Office:      
€ 480 per year

Company Formation                                                                      
€ 690 set up fee.

Nominee directors                                                                        
€ 280 year.

Nominee shareholder                                                                    
€ 190 year.

Nominee secretary                                                                        
€ 150 per year

Credit/Debit Card 
Bank Transfer


Bahnhofstrasse 10 / Eingang, 8001, Zürich, Schweiz

Luxembourg Business Services bank.
HSBC Private Bank (Luxembourg).,
16 Boulevard d'Avranches,
L-1160 Luxembourg.

Please make all payments/transfers
Luxembourg Business Services SA.

Zurich Mail Box Service

  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Advanced alarm system.
  • 24 hour access via key card.
  • Night duty security staff.
  • We wil Fax or text registered box owner when deliveries made.
  • Iphone & Android monitoring via mobile app (link up to our CCTV cameras).
  • Mailboxes within inner room.
  • Four different sized mail boxes to choose from.
  • Mail can be forwarded to private office/residential address, by next day delivery.
  • €180 PA.    €90 6 Months.


Zürich Mailbox: 
Bahnhofstrasse 10 / Eingang,

€ 190 per 1 calendar month.

€ 900 per 6 months.
€ 1300

Mail forwarding € 280.

International - Special delivery.
€ 180 yearly. 8 items.

Packets    0-4kg.    

€ 130 yearly. 8 items

Zürich, Schweiz
Registered Office:      
€ 540  yearly.

Company Formation                                                                        
€ 1,200 Any jurisdiction.

Nominee directors                                                                          
€ 480 per year per director.

Nominee shareholder                                                                    
€ 390 

Nominee secretary                                                                          
€ 250 per year. 

Yearly board meeting 
Zurich Office.

Credit/Debit Card
Bank Transfer
Western Union,Direct

Zürich Business Services bank details:
HSBC Private Bank ( Genève ).,
Quai des Bergues 9-17,
1201 Genève,

Quai des Bergues 5-6, 1201 Genève, Switzerland.

Geneva Mail Box Service

  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Advanced alarm system.
  • 24 hour access via key card.
  • Night duty security staff.
  • We wil Fax or text registered box owner when deliveries made.
  • Iphone & Android monitoring via mobile app (link up to our CCTV cameras).
  • Mailboxes within inner room.
  • Four different sized mail boxes to choose from.
  • Mail can be forwarded to private office/residential address, by next day delivery.
  • €190 PA.     €90 6 Months.

Geneva mailbox:
Quai des Bergues 5-6,
1201 Genève,

Geneva Mailbox   
190 Month.
 800 6 months.

Mail forwarding 
280 5 items yearly.

International - Special delivery.
180 Yearly.

Registered Office:                
680 per year.

Company Formation:                                                                      
1,700 Any jurisdiction

Nominee directors:                                                                           
420 per year per director.

Nominee shareholder:                                                                    
390 per year 

Nominee secretary:                                                                          
250 per year.   

Credit/Debit Card
Western Union,
Direct Transfer (HSBC Geneve).

Geneva Business Services,
HSBC Private Bank ( Genève ).,
Quai des Bergues 9-17,
1201 Genève,

All our clients are at the cutting edge of world business & corporate affairs. These include many world leading companies in the world of investment strategy & fund administration.


125 Park Avenue, New York, NY 1007, USA


Nevis Nominees

Hunkins Plaza,
Box 4789,

Main Street,  

Nevis, WI KN0 101

Call: +1 3022619358

Nevis for more than 12 years.
We offer a fast and confidential service.


Dubai Marina, Dubai, 334155

Located in the centre of Dubai Marina - Spectacular waterfront development - One of the most sought-after locations in the city





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